World leader in IVD, Tests & Instrumentation for more than 30 years

Our expertise is in the development, manufacturing and marketing of clinical diagnostic products in the field of endocrinology, auto-immunity and infectious diseases.

Our RIA and ELISA product range is very comprehensive, ranging from manual assays and instruments for small laboratories (Readers, Washer, Shakers, Gamma-Counters) to assays and instruments offering full automatization to medium-sized and high-throughput Clinical laboratories for ELISA Stratec Gemini and Dynex Technologies instruments : e.g. DS2®, DSX® and Agility® and for RIA automation CoNext125 sample Preparation Automate and CLIA system.

With more than 30 years in RIA business and hundreds of customers, DiaSource has become a world leader in this field and has set the standards with commitment to continuously support their customers. With the same dedication and commitment, DiaSource offers to the ELISA market a portfolio of more than 200 ELISA products which has been expanded since the acquisition by the BioVendor Group.



DiaSource is now also promoting TestLine Diagnostics branded ELISA and Immunoblot products in the field of Autoimmunity and Virology and is active in the Life Science market with the BioVendor ELISA RUO products.

For many years now, DiaSource is also a recognized supplier of high quality and unique Antibodies dedicated to the IVD manufacturers. These Antibodies, internally developed with special focus to be used in IVD Assays consolidate our position on the market with an enlarged portfolio of proven and performing Antibodies.


How do we tend to excellence?

1. Values and processes

The values and processes of DiaSource are fully tuned to optimize products quality and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, our commercial, technical and scientific teams are attentive to the implicit and explicit needs of our current and future customers. Our objective is to excel in customer orientation, flexibility and services.

DiaSource uses the same rigorous and reliable processes for manufacturing and quality control of research products.

2. Continuous improvement

DiaSource not only protects and ensures the quality of its products and services, but promote Continuous improvement at all levels of the company and uses a grounded approach on risk analysis for all the decisions. In this context, DiaSource also evaluates, tests and monitors the quality of the products and services of its suppliers.

3. Quality management system

To design, manufacture and supply compliant, effective and safe products for diagnostic markets worldwide, DiaSource maintains a robust Quality Management System. It is designed to continually improve the quality of the products and the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes. It is reassessed during management reviews and Executive Quality Committees (CEQ). 

4. Ongoing training

In order to respect our commitment to Quality, DiaSource has a competent, professional and continuously trained workforce.