The DiaSource IAA kit is a direct assay based on the principle of radioligand assays for the measurement of IgG-specific IAA. Highly purified human 125I-(A14) mono-iodinated insulin is used in the DiaSource IAA kit.

This tracer meets the highest requirements with regard to purity, fast reaction kinetics, cross reactivity at zero level and stability. These are the main prerequisites for the specific binding of the tracer and its exclusive recognition by the IAA of the sample in the first incubation step.

This is followed in a second incubation step by addition of Protein A to precipitate any labeled insulin-anti insulin complexes which have formed. 

After removing the supernatant which contains the non-bound tracer by aspiration or decantation, the radioactivity of the remaining precipitate is measured.

The concentration of Insulin autoantibodies (IAA) in the sample is reflected by the specifically bound tracer amount. The radioactive signal (cpm) of the bound fraction (B) is proportional to the autoantibody concentration.No immune complex is formed if IAA are absent in the sample.The IAA value of the patient’s sample is directly read off against this curve

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