ELISA Reader

The ELISA plate Reader is a user friendly micro plate Analyser. It is compact & lightweight. It is designed to measure and interpret enzyme immunoassay results, both monochromatically and bichromatically.

It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates different microplate geometries U, V & Flat
  • Plate shaking facility with variable speed and duration
  • Ability to read plate within seconds
  • Digital light control with unique circuit for long lamp life
  • External printer connectivity
  • Storage of calibration curves & controls - Bichromatic readings - Flexible controls and calibrators positioning
  • Patient report with PID & name
  • Matrix mode for result printing
  • Storage of plate results
  • Various Graph curve fit mode : Linear, Point to Point, 4 parameter log regression, Cubic Spline, - Polynomial with scales such as Log Abs / Conc, Logit Abs / Log Conc, Abs / Conc, Log Abs / Log Conc etc.
  • Data transfer to computer with easy view of results in Excel format

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