ELISA Plate Washer

Elisa Plate Washer is a laboratory equipment specially used for cleaning the microplate, and it is generally used in conjunction with the microplate reader.

It is mainly used to clean some residues after the detection of the ELISA plate, thereby reducing the error caused by residues in the subsequent detection process.

It has been widely used in the cleaning of enzyme-labelled plates in hospitals, blood stations, sanitation and epidemic prevention stations, reagent factories, and research laboratories.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Microcomputer control, automatically complete the plate washing operation;
  • The liquid level sensing function automatically detects the liquid level, and automatically alarms when the cleaning liquid is insufficient and the waste liquid is overflowing;
  • The user-friendly operating system allows users to customize the plate type, set the number of washes, the amount of wash solution, the way to wash the plate, the suction point, the soaking and shaking time and other parameters;
  • The wash head is self-balancing, has two-point aspiration, and performs bottom flushing;
  • 2 kinds of Automatic washing, Soaking and Shaking, to reduce the interference adsorption during the reaction; time adjustable.



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