Leptin, Mouse/Rat ELISA, RUO (Research Use Only)

The ELISA for Mouse/Rat Leptin KAPME06 utilizes two specific high affinity polyclonal antibodies for these proteins. It recognizes quantitatively mouse leptin.

Standards are prepared with recombinant mouse leptin. A high degree of cross reactivity against rat leptin allows to use the kit also for measuring rat leptin. Dilutions of rat samples were found as linear as mouse samples. Preparations of recombinant mouse and rat leptin from the same producer were compared regarding their quantification with this kit KAPME06.

The relative potency of the rat material was found to be plus 95%, compared to the respective mouse material, and, based on the nominal declaration of the producer.

When working with rat samples, individual own calibrating of the kit values is recommended.

KAPME06 is calibrated against the WHO NIBSC mouse leptin standard code 97/626. The cross reactivity against human leptin is 0.7%.

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