Resistin, ELISA

The Diasource Resistin ELISA-Kit KAPME50 is an immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative measurement of human resistin in serum and plasma.The enzyme immunoassay for Resistin KAPME50 is a so-called Sandwich-Assay.

It utilizes a specific high affinity polyclonal rabbit antiserum coated on the wells of a microtiter plate. The Resistin in the samples binds quantitatively to the immobilized antiserum. In the following step, the biotinylated antiserum binds to Resistin present in the sample.

After washing, a Streptavidin-Peroxidase-HRP conjugate will be added, which will bind highly specific for the biotin of the antiserum. The microtiterplate is washed to remove unbound enzyme labelled streptavidin. Bound enzyme-labelled sterptavidin is measured through a chromogenic reaction. Chromogenic solution (TMB ready for use) is added and incubated.

The reaction is stopped with the addition of Stop Solution and the microtiterplate is then read at the appropriate wavelength. The amount of substrate turnover is determined colourimetrically by measuring the absorbance, which is proportional to the Resistin concentration.

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