DiaSource unveils its new trio of ELISA Instrument

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of instruments for manual ELISA tests. Specifically, we would like to present the ELISA Plate Reader (DIA2000), ELISA Plate Washer (DIA3000), and ELISA Plate Shaker (DIA4000).


With the new range of devices, DiaSource brings its customers excellent technical specifications and a more modern design than previous models.


See clearly with our ELISA Plate Reader (DIA2000)

The ELISA Plate Reader, now IVDR compliant, is designed according to the principle of enzyme-linked immunoassay technology. Developed with a vertical 8-channel optical path, it can be used for single and dual wavelength measurement. The advantage is to provide absorbance, qualitative, and quantitative test results. 

The instrument has a 10.1-inch LCD display touchscreen for easy use. The ELISA Plate Reader is configured with dedicated computer-side ELISA Microplate Reader analysis software. This software enhances the usability and functionality of the reader with significant improvements made to 
the results reporting. Moreover, the test results can be displayed, stored, and printed. 

Another special feature of this new model is its ability to connect to a LIS (Laboratory Information System). Indeed, you can receive information from patients and then send the results back to the LIS. It also has a function allowing you to create graphs for monitoring Quality Control, access different levels for users and administrators. 
The software is available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish

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Wash away your troubles with our ELISA Plate Washer (DIA3000)

The ELISA Plate Washer is a laboratory device specially used for cleaning microplates and performing the wash step in an ELISA procedure. It is generally used in conjunction with the ELISA Plate Reader.

The user-friendly operating system allows customization of various parameters such as plate type, number of washes, wash solution quantity, plate washing method, suction point, soaking and stirring time. 
Its outstanding performance results in residual volumes of less than 1µl, using a 2-point aspiration process to help better achieve these precise results. 

An additional benefit is the ability to adjust parameters directly through the software, eliminating the need to open the instrument to make manual adjustments. 

The software is available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish



Shake things up with our ELISA Plate Shaker (DIA4000)

The ELISA Plate Shaker is mainly used for shaking and heating ELISA microplates during the incubation step of an ELISA procedure. 

In terms of heating, the advantage of this shaker is that it can heat both the top and bottom of the cover, significantly improving the temperature uniformity of the microplate. It also has a good sealing system to ensure that the temperature remains stable throughout the incubation period. 
Its shaking range spans from 200–1600 rpm and, above all, it operates extremely quietly and without vibration.


We are pleased to offer this innovative product set to our customers, enabling further improvements and increased efficiency in testing.


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DiaSource unveils its new trio of ELISA Instrument