FAST 25OH Vitamin D Total

The DiaSource ImmunoAssays 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA 90’ is a competitive ELISA assay, based on patented monoclonal antibodies, with a novel pre-treatment step performed inside the ELISA microtiter plate.
It is the fastest 25OH Vitamin D ELISA assay on the market !

The assay is an upgrade of the well-established 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA (launched in 2012) and is based on the same key technologies:
- Pre-treatment inside the ELISA microplate
- Patented Vitamin D Monoclonal Antibody
- Proprietary Vitamin D conjugate

The assay features both a short incubation time (90’) and a short hands-on time (45’ for a total plate).

The assay shows very competitive sensitivity, precision and performance characteristics to all other immunoassays in the market but uses a novel and extremely easy pre-treatment step performed directly in the microtiter plate.

It keeps the same advantages as the 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA:
- Pre-treatment in the ELISA microplate
- 100% automatable
- Breakable wells format
- Calibration to Thienpont’s Reference Measurement Procedure
- 36 months shelf life

And offers other advantages :
- Lower sample volume (25 µL)
- Validated for the use of serum and plasma

The novel approach of the DiaSource 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA 90’ makes it extremely easy to program on any open ELISA platform without the need for a manual sample pre-treatment outside the ELISA automate. The assay does not require a manual transfer from extracted sample in a tube to the well in the microtiter plate.

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