Angiotensin I RIA, RIA CT

The Angiotensin I RIA serves for the quantitative determination of plasma renin activity (PRA) by the radioimmunoassay of the product of the reaction, angiotensin I.

The generation of Angiotensin I is the result of the enzymatic cleavage of the renin substrate, angiotensinogen, in plasma samples in the presence of ACE inhibitor (ACE - Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme), an enzymatic inhibitor that blocks the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II.

The immunoassay of Angiotensin I is a radioimmunological competition assay. Unknown samples, control, and calibrators are incubated in polyclonal antibody-coated tubes with 125I-labeled angiotensin I as tracer.

After incubation, the contents of the tubes are aspirated. The bound radioactivity is then determined in a gamma counter. A standard curve is established and unknown values are determined by interpolation from the standard curve.


* This product is also available under RUO labelling. For more information :

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